Friday, October 31, 2008

a good day

spinning a sweater
something soft
(a luscious green/yellow/turquoise merino/silk blend; the first bobbin of singles for my own handspun sweater)

wollmeise scraps
something special
(a whole box of wollmeise sock yarn leftovers, donated by a kind knitter towards my scrap blanket)

october detail
something finished
(my october sweater! more pics to come, when i can find a photographer...)

perfect afternoon
& something lovely
(hot chocolate, biscuits, and a sweet & funny book)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

one in every colour

when i organised my closet today, this stack of knits appeared - & there's definitely some repetitiveness to them.

a stack of knits!

a couple of grays, a couple of greens, a couple of blues, and a couple of browns - but only one purple?? something needs remedied here...

october - the back

it's the first finished piece of the october sweater of my sweater-a-month challenge. & in case you didn't notice, i didn't take anyone's advice after all. when it came down to it, the yarn i wanted to use (the purple rowanspun aran) didn't quite match up with any of the sweaters i wanted to knit - so i cast on for something else entirely. remember this?

sunrise circle jacket 1

it's the sunrise circle jacket (ravelry link) - for a while, this pattern was available for free online, but it seems to have disappeared. luckily, i downloaded a copy & saved it, which means i can knit this all over again (this time in purple!).
i know it may seem odd to knit the same sweater twice. but i absolutely love the one i have, & wear it all the time - so much so that although it's only been in action for just over a year, it's already starting to look a little worn. plus, the pattern is simple to knit, yet at the same time complete & utter genius - each sleeve & front is knitted as one piece, with clever increases causing the semi-circular front piece to "grow" seamlessly out of the sleeve. i may just have to make one in every colour...

(p.s. in case you were wondering about the september sweater - i finished it. then, alas, i tried it on - & something wasn't quite right. i took some advice from a couple of knitting friends - & the general consensus was that i need to completely rip back & rework the entire yoke. i'd like to hate them, but they're right. the cardi is currently in time out, & will reemerge when i'm not so annoyed.)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

the mithril coat

this summer, i officially took a holiday from my sweater-a-month project - but what i didn't tell you was that i was still unofficially working away on a sweater. i worked on it over the summer while i was in the midst of tons of other things, and it's been waiting for buttons for a while now. well, the long-awaited buttons have finally arrived, and they were absolutely worth the wait...

the mithril coat 2

the mithril coat

project specs:
started: 18th july 2008
finished: 18th september 2008
pattern: what pattern? this is the simplest of simple cardis - a top-down, one-piece raglan in garter stitch. i made it up as i went along.
needles: 5mm for the yoke, 5.5mm for the midsection, and 6mm for the bottom - i created a slight a-line shape by increasing needle size as i progressed down the body rather than by adding stitches.
yarn: a souvenir from paris, the yarn is 100% gray silk tweed and roughly an aran weight. i only had four skeins of it (about 1000 yards), and ran out just at the end of my knitting, so i used less than a ball of noro silk garden to add the cuffs & the short-row triangular edgings. the yarn is gorgeous - despite its fairly rustic look, it's incredibly soft & drapey.
buttons: oh, the buttons - the finishing touch, from stonehouse supply on etsy. she custom-made me a set of buttons after i sent her a yarn sample - perfection!
& as for the name - i've been reliably informed by a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan that this cardi bears a striking resemblance to the mithril coat. i'm not sure if this means that i, therefore, bear a striking resemblance to a hobbit, but i'm sure it was meant as a compliment...

the mithril coat 1
hmmmm - does this cardi make my toes look hairy?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

channelling zimmermann

iceland has my money, & won't give it back. ok, so it's not TONS of money, & i'll probably get it back eventually. but i have something in the works over the next few weeks (a BIG something, which will be revealed soon!) which means i'd really like to have my money now!! sigh.
so for today, at least, i'm channelling elizabeth zimmermann...

lowenzahn socks finished
finished toe-up socks with cable detail, knitted in wollmeise sockenwolle "lowenzahn"

more wollemeise sockenwolle, this time in "drachenblut", to cast on for more toe-up socks

october yarn
the yarn for the october sweater

"knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises"
(elizabeth zimmermann)

Friday, October 03, 2008

i need closure!!!

only 3 days behind schedule, the september sweater is finished!!...

but i can't show it to you yet. why? because, like the summer sweater, i don't have buttons yet. i've ordered some fabulous custom buttons for the summer sweater, and some pewter clasp closures for the september sweater... but they haven't arrived yet!!! (darn that international postage, it's so sloooooooow!). so the sweater backlog will just have to wait until i can get some closure(s). i'm hoping they'll arrived this weekend, so fingers crossed!
& in the meantime, i have a new sweater to start, but i'm stuck. i have a few different ideas, and a few different yarns that i could use...

rowan scottish tweed 33 lovat
rowan tweed in pale green, to knit this or maybe that

rowanspun aran
more rowan tweed, purple this time, to knit that or maybe this

elsebeth lavold silky wool
tweedy dark green silky wool, to knit this

... any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

so close....

the september sweater....

september sweater - nearly!

.... is not finished. it's SO close, though!!! the whole (huge) body is done, the sleeves are done, and most of the ends are even sewn in - but the cabled section is still about 8 inches too short. i'm guessing there's only about two more hours of knitting time in this sweater, plus a little seaming. but since it's now officially october, my month is up! sigh. SO close.....