Friday, April 23, 2010

thanks to you

i got a little bit behind on my accounts this year (ok, by about six months, but we won't talk about that). i started off the tax year with the best of intentions, planning to keep track of everything month by month. that way, when it came to putting together my tax info at the end of the year, everything would be so easy - i'd just pull out my monthly sums & add everything up.
well, that never really happened - i managed to keep it up for the first few months, and then all my good intentions just slipped away. which is how, these past few weeks, i've found myself having to go through months of orders, receipts, invoices & payments - and have ended up with some results that have truly blown my mind. of course i was aware that orders this year have been good - i've been keeping pretty busy, and have been shipping out lots of parcels every month without fail. but when i sat down & added it all up at once, i nearly fainted.
i've never been a very business-minded person - years ago, when i went to a few business start-up classes, i felt completely out of place among all the ambitious folk who talked for ages about their financial plans & how much profit they planned to make. my goal was always fairly simple - i wanted to be able to do something i really loved, to work for myself, and above all, to avoid the kind of office jobs i'd always had before (& which nearly drove me into a full-on meltdown - i don't really do well in any kind of "normal" job). what with one thing & another, we've been more or less living on the RSA's salary for a good few years now, so we're fairly used to living an economical life, without much financial input from me.
so when i started this little business, it was really more of a "hobby" - i loved dyeing, creating new colourways, and i loved what i was making - and i hoped that a few folk out there might like what i was making too. i hoped that i would be able to cover my running costs - but it never once occurred to me that within the first two years, i would be running an actual profit-making business. it's said that if you're starting up a small business, you should expect to make a substantial loss in your first 2-3 years. well, in my first year, i sold enough to cover my costs plus a little bit extra. and this year, it would seem that i've actually made enough that i'm going to need to pay income tax on it - and it's all thanks to you.
it completely blows my mind that there are so many people who want to buy what i'm making - i'm so grateful to each & every one of you. so i'd like to give you a little something in return - how does a gift certificate to the old maiden aunt shop sound? i'm giving away three - one for £15, one for £25, and one for a whopping £50!!!! to get a chance to win one, here's what you do - leave me a comment on this blog entry telling me about something you're thankful for. i'll keep the comments open until the end of april - after that, i'll get the RSA to draw names from a hat, and three of you will win a thank-you gift certificate!!
thank you all so much - i really mean it.

ETA - comments are closed!! i'll be drawing names tomorrow & posting the winners so please check back then!!